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About MOULONG ARMEL, the Owner and Webmaster of this website

I am a young engineer, graduated from Leonard de Vinci Engineering school in Paris.
I also have a M.sc in Economics from Catholic University of Lille and a M.sc in
Information's Systems from Catholic University of Central Africa. I have written
a little book based on the credit scoring, which can be found in the best Libraries
around the world, it's an interesting book which explains people how banker select
consumer credit applicant with statistic methods and how this may be improve
to fight against over-leverage. I am very interested in Financial mathematics, computing
and astronomy, it's the reason why i will share with you some knowledges, sometimes
advanced, sometimes basic, which can help people in numerical simulations
in quantitative finance

How to use this WebSite ?

On the left you have differents items which may help to know a little about things i have
learned and practiced during my education, like projects, research
and i will propose a pricing application which will help people sometimes to
price options or to compute a Delta or a Delta-Gamma hedging strategy using
discrete methods.
You will also find here some videos. It will show you the algorithms and some coding
techniques to valuate financial products, to simulate randoms variables following
some interesting distribution, finally, you will find here in videos, or tutorials,
a certains numbers of techniques to interface Visual studio and excel, visual studio, Sql Server and
Excel, or how to use the FIX protocole.
On the top right, you will find three items where i will put some numerical tutorial in different
aspects of mathematics, and compution and also in astronomy (one of my hobbies)


Copyright : Moulong Armel Rodrigue, 2012

Contact: moulongarmel@yahoo.fr